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Launching a sharing economy platform?
The Sharing Economy trustscore helps you speed up traction and user base trust currency in record time!.

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The SE trustscore protects your digital identity, reviews history (given and received) from all your sharing economy platforms (Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Yelp, etc) on the blockchain. This protects your online brand and reputation as well. Allows you to use new sharing economy platforms in record time. No need to go through validation and verification one more time…

The only sharing economy trust you can count on

By 2025 that the sharing economy industry will grow by $335 Billion. By 2021 in US itself, there will be an increase of 86.5 million users on sharing economy platforms For you, this means sign- ups after sign-ups and your identity information is at risk on so many platforms. With a SE trustscore account, you create it once and you’re done

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Powerful Features

Digital identity and online reputation Under your control. Finally!

Transparent Trust

Aggregated Reviews Score

Universal Availability

High Reliability

Dynamic Updates

High Security

Blockchain Resident

Easy and Accessible

SE trustscore speeds up sharing economy platform launch, customer and

service provider acquisition and transactions while enhancing security with blockchain technology.

Saves everyone precious trust-building time and cost!!!


Ash Seddeek
Founder Ash Seddeek
Hemanth Tammareddi
Co-Founder Hemanth Tammareddi